BÅSTAD JULY 8-21 2024

Bag restrictions at Nordea Open

Bag restrictions at Nordea Open

Due to the increased terror threat level, the Swedish Police Authority has decided to impose a bag ban at major events in Sweden. This applies to Nordea Open and will be applicable between the 7th to the 21st of July.

Exceptions may be made for individuals who, for medical reasons, need to bring a bag to the event, as well as for people with children who need a diaper bag.


What can I bring with me?
You can bring items that fit in your pocket or can be held in your hand, for example  tickets/water bottles. Bags with a strap or bumbags are not allowed.

Can I bring a plastic/shopping bag?

Can I bring a toiletry bag?
Yes if it fits in your pocket.

Can I bring women ́s sanitary products?
Yes if it fits in your pocket. Free sanitary products will be available in the toilets within the arena.

Medical requirements?
Bags for medical needs are allowed to be brought into the arena. No other items other than the medical supplies are allowed inside the bag. A medical certificate may need to be shown upon request.

Can I bring a pram?
Yes but the only bag you may bring with the pram is a diaper bag.


Can I bring an umbrella?

Can I bring a water bottle?

Is there a cloakroom for storing bags?

Are you able to purchase items within the arena?
Yes however you are unable to leave the arena and then re-enter with the same bag.