BÅSTAD JULY 8-21 2024



Do you want to be part of the two most fun weeks of the summer?

Being a volunteer during the Nordea Open means that you get to be part of a community and meet new friends, maybe just for the summer, but many meet and then apply next year together and become friends for life. 60% of our volunteers return year after year.

We who work year-round with the tournament put service and a big heart above all else. We want it to be permeated during the weeks and with our organization we want to lift and encourage you so that you have the best week(s) of the summer. It’s a lot of work, there can be shifts where not much happens or vice versa. But the best thing is that you get an experience and you grow as a person.

We think it is important to alternate work with fun activities. This makes the community bigger and you get the chance to get to know even more people and try fun activities. You learn to take responsibility, deal with different kinds of people, develop your patience and you need to show commitment to give that little extra that we want the visitor to feel.

Being part of the Nordea Open means that you are part of an organization that has won several prizes for the best tournament, and you only do that if all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. The whole is important and you only get it if everyone works in the same direction and that everyone understands that everyone is equally important.

❤️ Warmly welcome to apply for the funnest weeks of the summer❤️

What do I get who participates in the Nordea Open?
In addition to an unforgettable week/weeks with new friends and a large network of contacts, you get:

  • Clothes, trousers, polo shirt, sweater, cap & water bottle.
  • Meals such as breakfast, lunch, coffee and light dinner in the late evenings.
  • Take part in activities almost every day such as Volleyball, Stand up Paddle, pentathlon,
    luxury breakfast, closing party, etc.
  • Accreditation to be able to watch tennis when you are free.
  • Two tickets Monday and Tuesday of men’s week to give to family or friends.
  • Work certificate to take to future workplaces and as a good experience for your possible CV.

If you have questions regarding volunteer work, please contact lotta.olmarker@arenabastad.se


The assignment suits you who enjoy working with service. Your task is to ensure that all players, officials, guests, journalists and partners who are entitled to an accreditation can collect it smoothly. In practical terms, we enter their data into a system, photograph them and print a badge. The person carries the badge with them during the tournament to gain access to the arena and other places to which they are entitled. With this position, you are for many the first contact with the tournament and you should be representative, stress-resistant, accurate and have computer skills. It’s a fun service where you meet a lot of people in the tennis industry, from players to VIP invited guests.

The Courtesy Desk is available for our sponsors and VIP guests where they can get help with ordering tickets, transport and evening arrangements in Båstad. We want you to be representative, flexible, calm and positive. It is desirable that you can work during both weeks.

Comment from previous volunteer at Accreditation/Courtesy
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Being the first person the tournament guests meet is a fun and responsible challenge. Whether it's the top-seeded player or the CEO of the sponsoring company standing on the other side of the counter, the goal is to make sure that person not only gets the right accreditation, but also gets a good first impression of the tournament. Working in accreditation last summer meant three fast-paced weeks of taking responsibility, innovative problem solving and, above all, many fun meetings with all the tournament guests.

Arena host

We are looking for someone who wants to work with service for our sponsors, guests of honor and the public. As an arena host, you help in various positions in the arena, everything from checking access to our sponsor lounges, as a guard outside Players or the players’ gym so that no unauthorized person enters. Or do you stand at the podium and take care of our guests of honor. As an arena host, you have a rolling schedule during your shift at the various positions.

As an arena host, you are around the courts, which means you can usually watch a lot of tennis during the week while you work.

Age at least 18 years

Comment from previous volunteer at Arena host
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"Being a host is a varied task. One moment you are the host in the honorary stand and the other moment you are the host for the sponsors in the VIP stand. This means that you meet many nice people from both the sports world and the Swedish business world and make sure that they all get a maximum experience during the visit. The work was well organized and the fellowship with the other hosts is very rewarding.”

This position is full

We are awaiting your application

You need to apply for the WTA and ATP events separately.

To be ably to apply you need an account in our Volunteer System Qufus. Please click the links below and follow the instructions.