BÅSTAD JULY 8-21 2024

Coria wins Sunset – Sets up Argentina clash

Coria wins Sunset – Sets up Argentina clash

Leo Borg started the match very aggresive against the former Båstad finalist Coria and the crowd was with him from the first point. Both players started a little nervously by breaking each other in the first 2 service games. At 4-5 and 30 nil in the serve, it looked bright for Borg, but then the Argentine lined up 4 points and clenched his fist winning the set 6-4.

The sunset was magical in Båstad this evening but unfortunately Leo did not manage to keep up the aggressive style of play that he had in the first set. Coria also became more comfortable on the court while Leo made more unforced errors.

Coria opened the set by breaking Leo and took a 5-1 lead. When Leo serves to stay in the match it starts to drip and after Leo saves the first match point.

A rain break of about 45 minutes in Båstadnatten resulted in a restart at 23.21 where Leo was able to polish the numbers but Coria wins the match 6-4 6-2.

Next Coria will face Cerundolo in the quarter-finals.